Myanmar Trip 2017 - Bagan - Buledi Pagoda

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Finally, after 9 hours of bus ride we reached Bagan! We grabbed our bags and headed straight into the bus company's holding area avoiding the swamp of pushy taxi drivers. Stuck in the middle of Bagan at 4am, we decided to take on a sunrise tour before heading to our guest house in Nyaung-U.

After 20 minutes of drive, we arrived at our destination, Buledi Pagoda. Buledi Pagoda is one of the more popular locations for beautiful sunrise. The Pagoda was filled with people when we arrived. We sat at the 3rd tier of the Pagoda and waited patiently for the sun to crawl out of bed.

The sky lit up gradually as light creeps into the dark sky adding hues of violet and blue. We managed to see the beautiful view of Bagan from Buledi Pagoda; The vast grassland, ridges and numerous pagodas in front of us. The sky brightens quickly and the crowd starts leaving the pagoda. Still, we didn't catch the sun and were kinda disappointed. However, we stayed a while longer hunting for photo around the pagoda. Suddenly D. called out to me.

I turned around and saw the sun peering through the clouds. It seems to greet us on arriving at Bagan and welcoming us with its soft rays. I took a couple of shots before bidding goodbye to Buledi Pagoda. That's the first moments of our Bagan Adventures. Stay tune for more =)

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