Myanmar Trip 2017 - Yangon - St. Mary's Cathedral

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Saint Mary's Cathedral is the largest Catholic cathedral in Myanmar.

The Cathedral was designed by Dutch architect Jos Cuypers. Construction was completed back in November 1899 under a land grant from the Government of India.

The cathedral was closed for lunch when we arrived in the afternoon. We spent 30-40 minutes admiring this impressive red-brick building. I love the twin peaks and the whole design of the cathedral.

Fortunately for us, the cathedral reopened and we managed to take a look inside the cathedral. Rows of benches stood in front of us. The bright red carpet lead us straight to the front of the cathedral and up to the beautiful stained glass windows.

The cathedral's quiet and peaceful with lots of photo opportunities. Would recommend shutterbugs like me to visit St. Mary's Cathedral.

Lastly, another perspective of St. Mary's Cathedral. Enjoy folks :)

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