Vietnam Trip 2016 - Huế - Khai Dinh Tomb

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The Tomb of Khải Định is located in Chau Chu mountain near Huế in Vietnam.

The tomb was built for the Nguyễn Emperor Khải Định, the twelfth king of the Nguyễn dynasty. It was built from 1920 to 1931 taking 11 years to complete. The tomb is a blend of Western and Eastern architecture.

The tomb is guarded by two rows of terracotta warriors believed to be the bodyguards of the Nguyễn Emperor. These statues are made of stone, a material very rare in Khai Dinh's tomb.

Climbing up further you will reach the Thien Dinh palace. The interior is densely decorated with elaborate glass and porcelain designs. The floor is covered with enamelled flowers bricks and the ceiling is painted with nine dragons, emerging from fleets of clouds.

The sarcophagus of the Emperor is located at the rear room of the Khai Thanh palace. There, you find statue of the seated Emperor Khai Dinh upon his throne. The whole room is decorated with stained glass and mosaics built ceramic based broken into pieces.

The room lit up an elegant golden glow by the lightings at the throne and the lamps in the room. Do visit this tomb folks! A place full of history and magnificent architecture.

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