Thailand Trip 2016 - Pai - Tham Nam Lod (Lod Cave)

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Tham Nam Lod is a cave system near Soppong which is filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

I've booked a tour for 600 baht and one of the destination is the Lod Cave. It's a long drive from Pai to the Lod Cave and I'm surprised there are adventurous people that rode up the windy roads just to visit it.

We alighted at the National Park, had a short walk and reached Tham Nam Lod. You need to pay 150 baht for entrance and the guide.

At the entrance of the cave, boatmen are resting by their bamboo rafts while waiting for business to come. We followed the guide into the cave and the the thing that caught my attention is the school of fishes in the river.

Fish food can be purchased at the entrance of the National Park. The fishes creates splashes when fighting for food fed by us. The fishes here are huge! I can imagine how well they're fed. *haha*

It's my first time visiting caves and it's beautiful. The road the can slippery and treacherous. Thus, watch your step and proceed with care. The guide showed us some limestones structures that resemble pancake, teeth, crocodile, anaconda etc.

There's a coffin cave section hidden within the main cave. Below is an image of the coffin. Wonder how these work and who uses these coffins.

I realised that the air inside the cave is heavier and damper. It tires me out after climbing and walking for a period of time. We caught a glimpse of the bats. They sticked together in a ball at the top of the cave. The floors and man-made rails are littered with bat's droppings. Do wash your hands after the tour especially when you're going to eat something next.

Last but not least, we took the raft ride out of the cave. We could spot schools of fishes swimming just by the raft. This cave experience is one of the favourite out of so many places that I've travelled. It struck me that there are many amazing places in the world that I yet to be discover.

Do visit the Lod Cave if you're in Pai.
You would not regret it!
Enjoy folks!

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